From its introduction by Westwood/Squibb - Buffalo, New York (1965), to its new home on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay in 2020 - PERNOX® GREEN TEA EXFOLIATING FACIAL SCRUB remains the finest exfoliating facial cleanser - for oily to normal skin - ever produced.

Personally - this is my opinion AND it's shared by 1000's of other PERNOX® users.

Greetings! I am Richard Bogan the Founder and of PERNOX® LABS, LLC.  I have been an enthusiastic and passionate user of PERNOX® since 1967. 

After almost four years my team and I have successfully re-created the PERNOX® skin cleansing difference with a devotion and enthusiasm for product quality, excellence, and outstanding skin cleansing performance.

As a high school athlete in Seattle, Washington and Victoria, British Columbia having clean and clear facial skin was hugely important. However, after getting off the muddy football and rugby fields it was impossible to get my face clean. Nothing seemed to work. I tried every soap available but nothing would remove the deep oily grime and my facial skin was getting worse. On the recommendation of a coach I tried PERNOX®  in 1967 and I happily continued using PERNOX® every day for the next 47 years.

THEN - mysteriously in 2014 PERNOX® disappeared from the drug store shelves and then from Amazon and other online websites.



PERNOX® was the only facial scrub that gave me that fresh rejuvenating deep down clean polished look. 

The Internet was buzzing with 100's of panicked devoted PERNOX® users wondering the same thing. As one Internet Commentator emphatically stated on May 5, 2020 "there will never again be a product as miraculous for skin as PERNOX®".

Even though Original PERNOX® annual sales exceeded 200,000 units in 2009 it fell from the market because of a series of colliding & concurring events.

  • The long time Buffalo, NY contract manufacturer of PERNOX® decided to sell in 2010 the sole manufacturing home of PERNOX® in 2010. This resulted in the lay-off of 260 PERNOX® management and staff in 2011.
  • PERNOX® was required to remove the plastic microbeads (for environmental purposes). 
  • The PERNOX® proprietary cleansing ingredient (Triton X-200), made by  by DOW Chemical, was dropped from the market in 2011.
  • The financial crisis of 2009-2013.
  • Following SUN Pharma's acquisition of Ranbaxy in 2014, SUN Pharma closed all of Ranbaxy's US operations. Ranbaxy was the last manufacturer of the Original PERNOX®.


In 2020 the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted us the exclusive trademark to PERNOX®. 

Quickly joining the PERNOX® Team was George Lukis the former Westwood/Squibb Master Blending Engineer (1979 to 2009). During George’s 30 years with Westwood/Squibb he meticulously created literally 1000’s of tons of Original PERNOX®. With George's guidance, we have achieved the same superior skin cleansing difference that sets PERNOX® apart.

PERNOX®...50 years to skin cleansing perfection...

Joining the PERNOX® team in early 2019 was Mary Helen Cobb who is passionately focused on communicating with the PERNOX® consumer and formulating chemist Anjali Hardikar with Antrim Cosmetic Solutions Inc. who is the creative force in the cosmetics lab.

Our passionately hand-crafted small batch production runs of PERNOX® are being scheduled now. Availability is limited. We are working diligently to keep up with demand. Place your order HERE